R. V. Spaces




*No Credit Cards
 $   35.00


 $ 200.00


 $ 500-650+ Power

Space prices vary per lot

 Complimentary WiFi Available
20, 30 & 50 AMP Hookups
WiFi (NO Guaranteed Connection)
Includes Water, Power, Sewer, Garbage Includes Water, Power, Sewer, Garbage Includes Water, Sewer, Garbage, Cable TV  optional (Not guaranteed)
  1. Power billed at .12cents/kW — meters are read monthly.
  2. Long-term Storage: Trailers: $50/month Cars: $35/month.
  3. Seasonal Dry Docking (Overflow Parking) Available: $20/night.
  4. First Month Extended Stay Payment of First Full month +$50 power deposit + $50 cable box deposit Required.
  5. Checks accepted for Extended Stay Guests Only.
  6. Hillside Palms RV Park does not provide Security for the Park or Storage Areas.
  7. Monthly tenants pay $50 power deposit upon move-in to be credited on the final bill.
  8. The cable is optional and not guaranteed. One option is a $100 Cable box use fee. And the cable box must be turned back in with matching remote and HDMI cord, Coax cable and Power cord in satisfactory condition. This option is based on availability.


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